Passport-Free Entry to Romania for Schengen Area Visitors Starting March 2024

Starting March 31, 2024, Romania and Bulgaria's partial entry into the Schengen Area heralds a new era of travel convenience. Air and sea travelers from Schengen countries will enjoy passport-free entry into these nations, streamlining their journeys. While land border checks remain for now, this development promises easier, quicker trips, boosting tourism and strengthening European connectivity. As discussions continue for further integration, this change marks a significant step towards a more unified Europe.

Passport-Free Entry to Romania for Schengen Area Visitors Starting March 2024
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At a Glance: Schengen Area Expansion

From March 31, 2024, Bulgaria and Romania will partially join the Schengen Area. This change means air and sea travelers from other Schengen countries can enter these two countries without passport checks. Land travel, however, will continue to require border checks.

The Situation

This development will simplify and expedite air and sea travel within Europe, enhancing connectivity and ease for travelers.

A Closer Look: Ongoing Border Checks

Land border checks will persist for travel between Bulgaria or Romania and other Schengen countries. Both countries will keep issuing their national entry visas until full Schengen Area membership is granted.

Impact on Travel

The elimination of air and sea border checks marks a significant step in easing travel and is expected to boost tourism and economic interactions within Europe.

Background of the Decision

Bulgaria and Romania, EU members since 2007, have been aspiring to join the Schengen Area. Austria's recent consent to remove air and sea travel border checks was a critical development in this process.

Looking Ahead

The European Council plans to discuss the removal of land border checks in 2024. While no specific date is set for this decision, updates will be provided as they occur.

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